Reading for September: excerpt from The Old Calendrist

Due to Labor Day we’ll be meeting on Sunday, September 9th (that’s the second Sunday of the month) at Riffraff Bookstore/Bar in Olneyville (located at The Plant, 60 Valley Street, Unit 107A) for our monthly bazaar and literary discussion! Discussion starts at 2:30!

We’ll be reading the first three sections of The Old Calendrist on the tyranny of the modern Western calendar (and how bad capitalist time is in general). You can find the reading below or on this site.

imposed pdf

What do we want? We want those golden days of September stolen from us by the idolaters of science and rationalist utilitarianism. We hope that the restoration of sacred pagan time will induce a new wide-spread consciousness open to a radical critique of technology as alienation. Stage by stage we’d like to regress toward the status quo ante 1752. Abolish the Industrial Revolution and the post-Industrial reign of time as money. Abolish not only electricity and infernal combustion but also the steam engine. Bring back agrarian green artisanal social time. Abandon the Capitalist Hell Realm. And by the way, let’s also get rid of Daylight Saving Time. Down with all Time Lords. Free Time.

Between now and then you can also find us at the Lowell Anarchist Book Fair on Saturday, August 25th from 11-5! We’ll have our full stock of books and pamphlets on display, plus some new stock!


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