Reading for February: To Acid-Words

We had a great discussion in January! Thanks everyone for coming!

Next up, we’ll be discussing “To Acid-Words” by Alejandro de Acosta. This piece is about language, specifically the kinds of words used in radical, activist, and anarchist spaces. What do the words we use, words like “accountability” or even “radical” actually mean? What are the bad words we’re not allowed to say? What are the implications of using words taken from the institutions we seek to destroy? The essay seeks to address some of these questions as well as the possibilities contained in our language. de Acosta also draws on some of the situationist ideas we discussed with last month’s reading!

This one’s a little long but we promise, it’s worth it. Get started early! You can find the reading here.

See you on Sunday, February 3rd from 12-4pm (discussion starts at 2:30pm) at Riffraff bookstore and bar! (Located in The Plant, 60 Valley Street. Tons of free parking across the street.)


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