Reading for June: Anarchists Must Say What Only Anarchists Can Say

We’re still in the process of finalizing our June event date. So keep your eyes peeled but in the meantime…

Our June reading will be a piece by the inimitable Monsieur Dupont, “Anarchists must say what only anarchists can say.” You can find it in the book Nihilist Communism and online here.

Although this piece was written more than 15 (!) years ago, it’s still painfully relevant to us as anarchists trying to figure out how to live amidst the machinery of endless recuperation and commodification of even our most basic desire for freedom. What’s an anarchist to do, if we don’t believe that an idyllic revolution is just around the corner? And what is the anarchist role when seemingly revolutionary moments do present themselves?

To quote Monsieur Dupont:

It is not for anarchists to celebrate when ‘the people’ take over, anarchists ought not to be so amazed at examples of natural ingenuity and resilience, that is after all what they base all their principles on. Unfortunately their proper political task is less appealing and more controversial, it is to poke their fingers into the wounds of revolution, to doubt and to look for ways in which the Zapatistas, FLN, ANC or any other bunch of leftwing heroes will sell out, because they always do. The questions we must ask of civil emergency and economic breakdown, which are the occasions where various social and pro-revolutionary movements appear is how exactly does capital re-establish itself again and again despite the apparent revolutionary intent of the general populace.

We’re excited for this one! See you in June!


Reading for May: BE GAY. DO CRIME.

Join us for our monthly event at a NEW LOCATION AND TIME!

Sunday, May 12th (note: this is the SECOND Sunday, not the first!) from 1-4pm

We’re VERY excited to be meeting at Binch Press, a newly formed, cooperatively run print and ceramics space, located at 131 Clay Street (studio 211) in Central Falls. Check them out on facebook and insta for more info on how to get involved! They have some cool events coming up, including open studio days and ceramics workshops.

As always, we’ll have books and zines for sale. From 2:30-3:30pm, we’ll be discussing the essay, “Be Gay, Do Crime” by the Mary Nardini Gang. You can find the reading here:

This essay and others are included in an awesome new book from our friends at Contagion press. Come grab a copy!


Reading for February: To Acid-Words

We had a great discussion in January! Thanks everyone for coming!

Next up, we’ll be discussing “To Acid-Words” by Alejandro de Acosta. This piece is about language, specifically the kinds of words used in radical, activist, and anarchist spaces. What do the words we use, words like “accountability” or even “radical” actually mean? What are the bad words we’re not allowed to say? What are the implications of using words taken from the institutions we seek to destroy? The essay seeks to address some of these questions as well as the possibilities contained in our language. de Acosta also draws on some of the situationist ideas we discussed with last month’s reading!

This one’s a little long but we promise, it’s worth it. Get started early! You can find the reading here.

See you on Sunday, February 3rd from 12-4pm (discussion starts at 2:30pm) at Riffraff bookstore and bar! (Located in The Plant, 60 Valley Street. Tons of free parking across the street.)

Reading for November: The Invention of Non-Psychiatry by David Cooper

Join us on Sunday, November 4th for our monthly anarchist bazaar and discussion at Riffraff bookstore + bar (60 Valley Street in Providence, inside The Plant)! We’ll have books and zines for sale from 12pm-4pm and the discussion will start at 2:30pm.

This month we’ll be discussing David Cooper’s The Invention of Non-Psychiatry. A South African-born psychiatrist, Cooper is credited with first using the term “anti-psychiatry” in 1967. The anti-psychiatry movement of the 1960s and 70s formed as a critique of institutionalization and the role of psychiatry and psychoanalysis as tools of repression and social control. Influential writers such as Thomas Szasz and R.D. Laing (both psychiatrists themselves) questioned the growing interpretation of mental illness as a disease of abnormal brain physiology, a view that has become the bedrock of contemporary biomedicine. At the same time, philosophers like Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, and Felix Guattari began to sketch the relationship between psychopathology and the interests of the capitalist power structure.

You can find the reading here. There’s also a brief essay in the margin by Eli Messinger on the history and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which we’ll touch on if time permits.

*Note: We’ve had some trouble printing this file so we recommend reading it online for now. We hope to post a printer-friendly version soon!

Join us on June 3rd–NEW time, NEW location!

On Sunday, June 3rd, we’ll be meeting for the 12th (!) installment of our monthly anarchist bazaar and book discussion!

We’re very excited to be meeting at a *NEW* location, Riffraff Bookstore/Bar in Olneyville (located at The Plant, 60 Valley Street, Unit 107A)!

We’ll be trying out a new time as well–2pm to 6pm with discussion from 4:30-5:30pm. Let us know what you think!

Come explore Riffraff’s wide selection of books, have a drink, and join Viscera for a discussion on an excerpt from Blessed is the Flame: An Introduction to Concentration Camp Resistance and Anarcho-Nihilism. We will, of course, have an array of reading material for you to peruse, including some new stuff!

And if you’re really feeling adventurous, come check us out on Saturday, June 9th at the NYC Anarchist Bookfair!

Join us for a special book discussion at Stone Soup in Worcester!

We’re super excited to take our roving anarchist bazaar to Worcester! We’ll be discussing two readings on the topic of Gender Nihilism. And of course, we’ll have books and zines for sale. Come hang out, peruse a book or two, and let’s talk about destroying gender!

Join us on February 3rd from 5:00-7:30pm at Stone Soup – 4 King Street Worcester, MA

You can find the readings here:

PDF (for online reading)

Imposed (for printing)

December’s Reading: A collection of thoughts on race, identity, and nihilism

December’s discussion will focus on two pieces that explore issues of race and identity as they relate to anarchist thought and action. You can find them here.

In the first piece, No Selves to Abolish: Afropessimism, Anti-Politics, and the End of the World, K. Aarons critiques identity politics from a place of self-negation, acknowledging the unique dehumanization inherent in blackness but arguing that ultimately, to destroy oppressive systems we must also destroy the illusion of our own identities. This piece is an excerpt from the journal Hostis vol II: Beyond Recognition.

The second piece is entitled Really Though, Not All “Black” People Give a Fuck about “White” Dreads. The author reflects on his experience of being read as “black” and asserts his individuality against the pervasiveness of a narrowly defined racial identity.

We hope you’ll join us for the discussion on December 3rd from 2-3pm at fortnight wine bar in downtown Providence!