Reading for July: An Invitation to Desertion

Join us once again at Riffraff Bookstore/Bar in Olneyville (located at The Plant, 60 Valley Street, Unit 107A) for our one year anniversary bazaar and literary discussion!

We’ll be reading Bellamy’s essay “An Invitation to Desertion” from the new journal Backwoods: a journal of anarchy and wortcunning – you can find the reading here. This essay is rather long so we may not have a print copy on hand, though you can find the journal in its entirety among our goods on display.

This piece is an introduction to the theory motivating Backwoods…It is presented as an antidote to the reigning ideology of neoliberal republicanism, aiming to delve into the roots of our crisis so as to understand how to live as much as possible outside it and against it.


Join us on June 3rd–NEW time, NEW location!

On Sunday, June 3rd, we’ll be meeting for the 12th (!) installment of our monthly anarchist bazaar and book discussion!

We’re very excited to be meeting at a *NEW* location, Riffraff Bookstore/Bar in Olneyville (located at The Plant, 60 Valley Street, Unit 107A)!

We’ll be trying out a new time as well–2pm to 6pm with discussion from 4:30-5:30pm. Let us know what you think!

Come explore Riffraff’s wide selection of books, have a drink, and join Viscera for a discussion on an excerpt from Blessed is the Flame: An Introduction to Concentration Camp Resistance and Anarcho-Nihilism. We will, of course, have an array of reading material for you to peruse, including some new stuff!

And if you’re really feeling adventurous, come check us out on Saturday, June 9th at the NYC Anarchist Bookfair!

Reading for May: Selections from The Broken Teapot and elsewhere

Join us for our next bazaar and literary salon next month on our usual first Sunday (May 6th) at fortnight wine bar

This month’s discussion will be on some selected readings from The Broken Teapot as well as others on the subject of “rape, abuse, accountability, and anarchism”

You can find those readings here

and for those of you in the Boston area (or who just want to come visit), we’ll be tabling at New Zineland at the Cambridge Elk’s Lodge from 12-6 on Saturday the 21st.

Find more information here

Reading for April: “Anarchist Religion”? by Peter Lamborn Wilson

Join us for our next bazaar and literary salon at fortnight wine bar

Next month we’ll be meeting Sunday, April 8th as the 1st Sunday is Easter

In the spirit of the season, we’ll be reading Peter Lamborn Wilson’s essay on anarchy and religion entitled “”Anarchist Religion”?” – it’s a short one, but we think his unorthodox take on the subject matter will make for a good discussion!

You can read the essay nicely laid out in pdf form here, or on the anarchist library here

Readings for March: essays from species being

Join us Sunday, March 4th for our monthly bazaar and salon at fortnight wine bar in downtown Providence.

Our readings for discussion will be two essays from frére dupont’s species being: “Why is It That Others Feel No Interest for Us?” and “Brief Statements on Revolt and Structure”.

You can read the essays in pdf form here

Revolt is permanent, irreducible. It is a spring of perversity that does not run dry. If it has been duped today, it is renewed tomorrow. It has no memory, it has no history, no value, no allegiance, it goes uncalculated and is unpredictable. Revolt persists on the other side of every fence that could be built to include it.

Reading for February: Two pieces by Ramon Elani


We’re very excited for this, our seventh anarchist bazaar and book discussion, featuring special guest Ramon Elani!
We’ll be discussing two of Ramon’s pieces and he’ll be joining us for the discussion! Both consider the question of violence in pre-modern societies – in The Return of the Warrior he draws on Pierre Clastres’s writing on the violence of the Yanomami people to ask whether this prevented the rise of the state, and in The Way of the Violent Stars he contrasts ritualized, personalized violence with the “peace” of modern, industrial societies. As usual, discussion begins at 2 p.m. Find the reading here


Join us for a special book discussion at Stone Soup in Worcester!

We’re super excited to take our roving anarchist bazaar to Worcester! We’ll be discussing two readings on the topic of Gender Nihilism. And of course, we’ll have books and zines for sale. Come hang out, peruse a book or two, and let’s talk about destroying gender!

Join us on February 3rd from 5:00-7:30pm at Stone Soup – 4 King Street Worcester, MA

You can find the readings here:

PDF (for online reading)

Imposed (for printing)