January’s reading: Last Act of the Circus Animals

For our event on January 7th we’ll be discussing a few sections from the book Last Act of the Circus Animals. You can find the reading here – discussion will take place from 2-3.

From Little Black Cart’s website:

A story for children of all ages! An anarchist Animal Farm.

2017 is the tenth anniversary of this touching, thought-provoking, and inspiring fable by two long-term political prisoners, Travis Washington and anarchist Sean Swain. Originally told in three pamphlets (and distributed by Anthony Rayson), this story has been making the rounds of prisons in the u.s., and inspiring prisoners, for all those years. Little Black Cart is delighted to present the full story in a single volume, with introductory comments by Rayson, Jeremy Hammond, and Comrade Migs, and as many of the original drawings as we could fit in.

This is one more amazing example demonstrating that prison is not the end of radical, interesting, funny, and profound thought and activity.

We’ll also have copies on sale!


December’s Reading: A collection of thoughts on race, identity, and nihilism

December’s discussion will focus on two pieces that explore issues of race and identity as they relate to anarchist thought and action. You can find them here.

In the first piece, No Selves to Abolish: Afropessimism, Anti-Politics, and the End of the World, K. Aarons critiques identity politics from a place of self-negation, acknowledging the unique dehumanization inherent in blackness but arguing that ultimately, to destroy oppressive systems we must also destroy the illusion of our own identities. This piece is an excerpt from the journal Hostis vol II: Beyond Recognition.

The second piece is entitled Really Though, Not All “Black” People Give a Fuck about “White” Dreads. The author reflects on his experience of being read as “black” and asserts his individuality against the pervasiveness of a narrowly defined racial identity.

We hope you’ll join us for the discussion on December 3rd from 2-3pm at fortnight wine bar in downtown Providence!

November’s reading: excerpts from Without a Glimmer of Remorse by Pino Cacucci

Next month’s discussion will be on two chapters from Without a Glimmer of Remorse, a dramatic telling of the life of illegalist anarchist and noted robber Jules Bonnot and some of the people around him. You can read it in pdf here.

From the publisher Black Powder Press:

An explosive dramatized fiction of the life and times of Jules Bonnot, his gang (La Bande Bonnot), his associates, and the individualist anarchists of the time, including the young Victor Serge. An affectionate, fast-paced, but historically accurate account of the life of the extraordinary Bonnot—worker, soldier, auto-mechanic, driver to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle—a man with a long cherished dream of absolute freedom, and the first bank-robber to use a getaway car; an anarchist who felt it his duty to lash out at bourgeois society, staking his all. A tragically romantic hero, Jules Bonnot emerges from these pages as a wounded dreamer who was to deeply affect the lives of so many other unforgettable characters. Includes historical photographs, newspaper clippings, and police mugshots. Beautifully illustrated by Flavio Constantini.

Reading for September!

Join us September 3rd (from 12-5pm at Fortnight in downtown pvd) for a discussion of Atassa: Readings in Eco-Extremism. Books and zines for sale! Discussion starts at 4pm!

We’ll be focusing on the following excerpt:

The flower growing out of the underworld: An introduction to eco-extremism

We hope this will be a thought-provoking counterpoint to last month’s reading, Desert, which discussed the future of anarchist projects in light of impending climate catastrophe.

As always, we’ll have copies of Atassa for sale along with a wide selection of intriguing reading material.

See you soon.

Readings from Desert for our next discussion…

…can be found here:

I. No (Global) Future

Including sections:

  1. Religious myths: progress, global capitalism, global revolution, global collapse
  2. I love us, there’s so much we can do and be, but there are limits
  3. From anti-globalisation to climate change

II. Anarchists Behind the Walls

Including sections:

  1. Social war in temperate climates
  2. Surveillance states & security cultures
  3. Resist much, obey little
  4. Love, health and insurrection

You’re welcome to read as much or as little of the rest of the book as you’d like (as you can see the work is available entirely for free), and we will have copies for sale at the event!

Join us for our second incision! August 6th @ fortnight

dreamers resized

Join Viscera for its second bazaar and literary salon – we’ll have an array of new books, pamphlets and other goods for your enjoyment and puzzlement. Stay for the discussion at 4 – we’ll be discussing an excerpt from Desert and how dramatic global climate change is both inevitable and offers new dangers and opportunities for anarchists!