Reading for September!

Join us September 3rd (from 12-5pm at Fortnight in downtown pvd) for a discussion of Atassa: Readings in Eco-Extremism. Books and zines for sale! Discussion starts at 4pm!

We’ll be focusing on the following excerpt:

The flower growing out of the underworld: An introduction to eco-extremism

We hope this will be a thought-provoking counterpoint to last month’s reading, Desert, which discussed the future of anarchist projects in light of impending climate catastrophe.

As always, we’ll have copies of Atassa for sale along with a wide selection of intriguing reading material.

See you soon.


Readings from Desert for our next discussion…

…can be found here:

I. No (Global) Future

Including sections:

  1. Religious myths: progress, global capitalism, global revolution, global collapse
  2. I love us, there’s so much we can do and be, but there are limits
  3. From anti-globalisation to climate change

II. Anarchists Behind the Walls

Including sections:

  1. Social war in temperate climates
  2. Surveillance states & security cultures
  3. Resist much, obey little
  4. Love, health and insurrection

You’re welcome to read as much or as little of the rest of the book as you’d like (as you can see the work is available entirely for free), and we will have copies for sale at the event!

Join us for our second incision! August 6th @ fortnight

dreamers resized

Join Viscera for its second bazaar and literary salon – we’ll have an array of new books, pamphlets and other goods for your enjoyment and puzzlement. Stay for the discussion at 4 – we’ll be discussing an excerpt from Desert and how dramatic global climate change is both inevitable and offers new dangers and opportunities for anarchists!